Dental bridges

Benefits of Removable Dentures

When patients suffer from missing teeth and molars due to dental decay, they tend to solve this issue with the removable dentures and dental bridges. Hence, dentists put all their efforts in taking the right measurements of teeth and in adjusting the color of the removable denture for a perfect normal look. Installing dental bridge for front teeth with natural look can definitely elevate the patients’ mood and offer them personal relief. Accordingly, there are two basic kinds of dental bridges; Removable partial dentures, Removable full dentures. They are characterized by being easily removed and reinserted by patients without the need to go to a prosthodontist.

Types of Removable Dental Bridges

  1. Partial Removable Dentures: This type of dentures is characterized by its great durability. It is ideal for replacing molars which help in chewing food. The partial removable denture is designed from Acrylic which gives it flexibility and is ideal for designing perfect removable dentures.

Then, dentist takes the teeth measurements, so as to fix the partial denture on the neighboring molars next to the missing one using a chromium-cobalt base without any pain. This makes the patient more comfortable with the removable denture and get used to it in no time.

  1. Full Removable Dentures: It is considered one of the famous solutions which the patients use to make up for the complete loss of teeth. The dentist designs a full denture for both upper and lower jaws, especially for the elderly in order to help them in chewing. It also preserves the jaw from gum recession and damage.

Most importantly, the full removable dentures are considered as a better alternative to dental implants, where you can easily insert and remove the removable denture without any pain and whenever you want.

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