Dental Crowns

Types of Fixed Dentures:

Generally, the number of teeth in an adult is 32 teeth.

Yet some people may lose their teeth or molars due to tooth decay and/or tooth extraction. Also the incomplete growths of permanent teeth after extracting your primary ones can be one of the main reasons of teeth lose. Therefore, most people tend to use dentures as a solution to this problem. Hence, Smile Pearly Smile Clinics offers you all the types of dentures with the latest medical equipment needed to give you all types of suitable for each case.

Two Types of Fixed Dentures:

  1. Dental Crowns: They are considered one of the most common solutions to treat of missing teeth due to extraction or incomplete growth resulting from dental plaque or lack of calcium. The process is simple as the dentist performs teeth reduction and treats the nerves in the best possible way. Then, he/she takes the tooth measurement, and finally, inserts the dental crown over the designated tooth to be fixed in order to ensure its stability for the longest possible period. Dental crowns are also regarded as the best solution to replace front teeth. Moreover, there are many improved versions of fixed dentures to suit the different cases of patients, like the Zirconium crowns, Emax and others to give the ultimate comfort and relief to the patients.
  2. Fixed Dental Bridges: These are very practical solutions for treating lost molars issues, where the dentist inserts a dental bridge that relies on the fixed neighboring molars next to the missing one, as the process of tooth reduction is firstly done to open the way for the dental bridge before fixing it. There are several types of bridges such as Porcelain, zirconia, veneers and others. Dentists recommend using the most convenient type according to the cost and place of the bridge.

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