Teeth Extraction Reasons

Dentists always attempt to leave teeth extraction as a last option of curing infection because it might affect the oral hygiene. However, it can be necessary for a patient due to several reasons mainly caused by dental decay and teeth damage. Full damage of teeth leads to severe toothache which is eventually followed by tooth extraction.

There are many other reasons of tooth extraction for instance; deformed shapes of wisdom teeth, existence of extra tooth, broken teeth and affected tooth as a source of infection. All these reasons cause unbearable tooth pain.


Instructions of Teeth Extraction


Once dentist and oral surgeons ensure the necessity of extracting a tooth, the patient should take in consideration some instructions before and after teeth extraction.

Before Extraction:

  • Follow any medication course prescribed till the end
  • Eat before visiting the clinic
  • Inform the dentist with all health issues you face

After Extraction:

  • Never touch the place of the pulled tooth
  • Take the painkillers prescribed
  • Bite firmly on the cotton bandage
  • Put ice bag on the affected area
  • Avoid smoking and alcohols
  • Relax for 2 days with little effort
  • Avoid rinsing for 24 hours then you can rinse with salty water
  • Avoid drinking from straw for first 24 hours
  • Drink soup and drinks with moderate heat
  • Clean your mouth with tooth brush and floss

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