Nerve Filler

Nerve Fillings on Pearly Smile Clinics

Tooth decay is always the beginning of the devastating teeth problems which certainly include dental pulp and root canal damage. That’s why dentists always assert that daily teeth cleaning help patients to avoid most of the dental issues. If you suffer from teeth decay and you feel severe toothache, you’ve to visit the dental clinic. Thus, We introduces all the needed care you need in addition to follow-up sessions to maintain your oral health.

Root Canal Pain and Nerve Inflammation

Dentists usually begin with root canal treatment to heal the infected pulp because this is a better alternative to tooth extraction. Accordingly, root canal is a very sensitive area as it is full of nerves and blood vessels inside your teeth. The severe inflations need immediate oral sterilization and cleaning then applying tooth filling to firmly prevent the repetitive infection. Therefore, dentists do not recommend the heavy usage of painkillers because they have harmful effects on the long-run. Admittedly, the only way to get rid of this painful ache is to remove the infected nerve in order to avoid teeth swelling. Careless handling may cause tooth extraction and gum gingivitis. As a result, dentists fully clean the infected area then fill the root canal.


Root Canal Treatment Steps

  1. Anaesthetizes the infected part
  2. Cleaning the root canal and removes the damaged nerve
  3. Using sanitize medications to make sure of total cleaning
  4. Applying a temporary tooth filling by the endodontist to seal the cleaned part and to test the pain
  5. Following up with the patient then dentists begin in the final step of the endodontic treatment through applying permanent fillings and in some cases crowns can be also needed.

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