Nerve Pull

Dental Root Canal Treatment

Better Solutions for Pinched Root

When the root canal is infected due to tooth decay, your immunity system attempts to defeat the bacteria but this can only help in the initial stages of tooth decay. Yet, it is not always enough to fight the harmful bacteria, especially in critical cases that may cause severe headache. Thus, the experienced endodontic team of the Smile Stars Dental clinic tends to efficiently heal the tooth pain of all patients with different cases.


How Does Endodontist Make the Nerve Pulling?

Tooth decay severely damages the teeth; the inflammation may go deep to the nerves which causes extreme pain to patients. The scientific explanation is that the nerves inside the tooth pulp get affected. As the bacteria reaching the nerves, it makes its way through to the lymph nodes, which results in severe toothache.

  • The dentist pulls the nerve completely by removing the tissues and nerves inside, to relieve the root canal pain.
  • Then he cleans the nerves inside the root canal and this is done on several stages according to the case.
  • The endodontist works on disposing of the bad tissues and injects pain relieving medications after pulling the nerve.
  • The dentist then inserts a temporary filling after finishing the nerve pulling process.
  • Follow up is done with the attending endodontist to ensure the total dental treatment, and then he puts a permanent filling to prevent no more bacteria to the tooth pulp.

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