Teeth Implant

Dental Implants with Pearly Smile Clinics

Dental implants are considered decisive and effective in compensating for missing and crooked teeth, where the dentist places medical implants in the jaw to fit in as an orthodontic anchor and act as a root canal. Then the dentist fixes a crown in the incision of the jaw on top of the metal implant, which gives the patient a natural looking tooth. Being a practical solution, dental implant gives the patients the needed relief, especially because it is more stable than the removable dentures which can move when talking or chewing, and may cause jawbone atrophy on the long run.


Why do patients get dental implant?

It is considered a key solution for missing front teeth and broken side molars.

It helps protecting and preventing the jawbone atrophy.

It gives stability and relief almost as what the normal permanent teeth do, and it is considered better than removable dentures.

The dental implants procedure takes a small duration (about 10 minutes) without any pain at all, thanks to the topical anesthetic.

It relieves you of the broken or damaged teeth pain, it guarantees less pain and longer solution than what removable crowns and bridges offer.

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