Tooth Fillings

Teeth Filling and differences

Teeth filling are mainly used to refine any damage caused by the dental caries. Generally, dental caries is also known as dental decay which can severely create holes inside teeth where bacteria can enter. Thus, patients should visit dental clinics in early stages to get the needed dental care before the decay leads to tooth extraction. Moreover, visiting dentist helps in avoiding bacteria from penetrating the root canal. As the dental hygienist cleans the affected area and removes all the dental caries, then he/she fixes the teeth filling in the damaged gaps. In addition, dentists advise parents to treat the baby teeth of their children through teeth filling in order not to leave a bad and unhygienic impact on their permanent teeth in later stages.

Expectations during Filling

When visiting the dental clinic, the dentist decides if the patient’s case requires urgent teeth filling. Then, he/she begins with cleaning the tooth decay, using special medical tools. The uncontaminated area should be filled to repair the deformation of the teeth, using either white filling or Silver amalgam.

Pros of both Ceramic and Silver Filling

The ceramic filling can last for more than seven years and its natural look makes it more favorable for patients. It imitates the normal shape of the tooth curves and it’s commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. Concerning Silver amalgam, it’s one of the essential filling types. It’s known for its durability that reaches more than 10 years, and affordability that cope with almost all people.

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